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A Little About Me...

With over 30 years of experience behind me, you can rest assured that every plastering job will be carried out with professionalism and high standards.

From larger commercial jobs to smaller residential work, I’ve done it all since the 80s! I have 1000s of happy clients throughout the Essex area and continue to impress as the years go on. 

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According to the institute for appreterships, plastering work has been on the rise over the years; both residential and commercial work. People are more keen than ever to improve their homes, so getting the right plasterer is crucial. 

We Are Affordable

While we all have to make a living, my prices are reasonable and affordable.

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30+ Years Experience

My expertise goes back over 30 years, when I began plastering in the 80s.

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Feel free to give me a call 7 days a week. I’m always avaliable to answer the phone.

Friendly & Reliable

When I am plastering your home, you’ll never have to worry about me not turning up.

5* Star Reviews

You can find my reviews above. I go above and beyond for each and every customer.

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How Long Have I Been Plastering In Maldon?

Over the years I’ve worked all over Essex. However, now, most of my work is in Chelmsford; with the majority being in Maldon. I’ve been a local plasterer for over 30 years in Maldon.

Why I Like Working In Maldon...

I enjoy working in Maldon because it’s still close to Chelmsford, but away from the city center. That means their is fewer traffic and less time spent travelling. 


Most frequent questions and answers

The average plastering company in Maldon can vary from £140-£220. Please keep in mind that some factors can increase this price. For example, If you have a large ceiling that needs to be boarded before being plastered, it would require a team of 2. This is because it’s not possible for one person to hold the boards and drill them into the ceiling.

The only way to determine the length of a plastering job is to have a look. While a room may look small, there are other factors that determine how long a job will take. One of these is the condition of the wall of ceiling.

There’s no better feeling than getting a freshly plastered room painted, right? However, you need to give the plasterer time to dry before painting. When a wall or ceiling has just been plastered, it will be a dark brown colour. As it begins to dry, it turns lighter in colours. Once you can see the entire wall (or ceiling) has turned light brown, you can begin painting. 

Plastering is typically used to create a smooth, even surface on a wall or ceiling, or to repair damage to an existing plaster surface. Plastering requires more time and skill than skimming, as the plaster needs to be properly mixed and applied in a thick layer.


Skimming, on the other hand, involves the application of a very thin layer of plaster to a surface, typically over existing plaster or drywall. Skimming is often used to smooth out minor imperfections or to create a seamless transition between different types of surfaces, such as plaster and drywall. Skimming requires less time and skill than plastering, as the plaster is applied in a thin layer and does not need to be mixed.


In general, skimming is a faster and less expensive option than plastering, but it may not be suitable for repairing more significant damage or creating a completely smooth, even surface.

If you have a look at our work gallery, you can get an idea of what to expect in terms of tidyness. If you loook closely, you will notice that all skirting, doors, and flooring looks immaculate after out plastering work. We make sure to clean all the surrounding areas at the end of each and every day.