Plastering Over Artex (Common Questions Answered)

How Do You Know If You Have Artex?

Back in the 1980s a lot of homeowners used artex on ceilings and walls. it’s not so common anymore but it’s still found throughout homes that we’re not renovated. 


A good way to spot artex on ceilings and walls is to look for a pattern.The most common pattern you’ll find are swirl marks that protrude from your ceiling.

Examples Of Artex Walls

Below are some examples of walls and ceilings with artex. These pictures are from jobs we have completed in the Chelmsford area. They include before and after images so you can see the comparison.

Can You Plaster Over Artex?

Yes you can plaster over artex but there are a few best practices that we have listed below:


  • Make sure to scrape off as much artex as possible before plastering the wall 
  • 2 Coats of plasterer need to be applied to the wall or ceiling
  • PVA may need to be used, which is a bonding agent that helps plaster stick to the wall.


Because there is more preparation needed when plastering artex, it may take a little longer. The good news is you will be left with smooth walls that don’t contain a pattern!

Common Problems With Artex

Crack Repairs

If you have an Artex ceiling that is cracked you will need to plaster the entire ceiling to repair the crack.


If you didn’t plaster the entire ceiling, you would be left with a patch that was smooth, while the rest of the ceiling would have swirl marks from the artex..


If your ceiling is not artex, the crack can be filled in normally and repainted.

It Takes A While To Go

After a wall or ceiling has been plastered, it’s not uncommon for the artex pattern to come back through while the plaster is still wet. The good news is the pattern will disappear in a few days, leaving a smooth-finish like you wanted.

Benefits Of Plastering Over Artex

Visual Improvement

Over the years, artex has become less and less popular in people’s homes. It’s still found in homes that haven’t been updated since the 80s.


Nowadays, most people go for a more modern look. That’s why I get so many jobs requiring me to plaster over artex!

A Plastered Wall Is Stronger

If artex has not been plastered since the 80s, getting it plastered will make it stronger and fill any cracks. 


This gives you peace of mind moving forward that you won’t have to pay for repairs or a new contractor to replaster your ceiling.

Get In Touch

If you’re looking for somebody to plaster over Artex please get in touch with Plasterers Chelmsford as we have years of experience doing so.